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Over the last 5 years Simon has built a credible, hassle-free multi-million pound business using this model. And he is revealing exactly how you can get started in this new book.

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Full of Rent-to-Rent knowledge, no waffle.

knowledge, no waffle.

This book offers a comprehensive break down of everything you need to set-up, start, operate and scale your Rent-to-Rent business.

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This book offers a comprehensive guide that meticulously navigates the complex world of Rent-to-Rent. You'll learn how to establish a credible Rent-to-Rent business, source and secure lucrative HMO and Serviced Accommodation deals.

Discover efficient refurbishment processes and acquire the tools and skills needed to scale your business into a property empire. Allowing you to reinvest in properties that you do own.

Part 1

Get prepared with a professional set-up.

In the initial topics of the book, Simon emphasises the importance of approaching rent-to-rent property management in a structured and professional manner.

Success comes from setting clear goals, leveraging existing expertise and contacts, and positioning yourself as a trustworthy expert for landlords.

Part one discusses the importance of taking a flexible hybrid approach to your property business. It also provides valuable insights into assessing the suitability of areas for rent-to-rent, key criteria for ideal properties, and how to calculate profitability for both House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and Serviced Accommodation (SA) options.

Part 2

Sourcing & closing the perfect Rent-to-Rent deal.

Focusing on sourcing and closing profitable rent-to-rent deals, this section explores a proven four-step process. The importance of finding potential properties, ensuring they align with your strategy, presenting a compelling rent-to-rent offer, and skilfully negotiating to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Part two then delves into effective lead sourcing strategies, including networking, attending property events, and pounding the pavement. It highlights the significance of building rapport, understanding motivators, and securing viewings patiently.

Emphasising the need for simplicity and clarity in negotiations, this section covers essential topics such as addressing landlords’ expectations and making irresistible offers while expanding on the value of trust and rapport throughout the process.

Part 3

Securing cash flow.

Simon explains the importance of taking a structured approach, collaborating with landlords, and carefully budgeting to ensure profitability.

Quality over cheapness is advocated, emphasising the need to invest wisely in property refurbishment. The process of refurbishing the property is outlined, highlighting the significance of having a robust plan and a reliable team.

Part three explores marketing strategies for filling the property for both HMO and SA, and the importance of scaling the business as cash flow grows.

Simon concludes with the potential of rent-to-rent as a path to financial independence while acknowledging the challenges and the need for effort and preperation to succeed in the field.

"This book is your ticket to change that. It changes all the traditional property investment rules and gives you the opportunity of earning without owning. Simply put, you can control all the property you could ever wish for without needing the capital to buy it. The results are staggering."

Meet the author.

Born and bred in Derby, Simon is a successful property investor specialising in Rent-to-Rent 2.0, HMO, Serviced Accommodation and BRRRR, and has established himself internationally as the go-to source of knowledge on Rent-to-Rent. Previously working full-time in the music industry, Simon had realised that his income was not reliable – no matter how successful he became, it was too feast- or-famine to provide any stability for Simon and his family.

Discovering the world of property investment gave Simon the key he was looking for. From a standing start and with no previous experience in property, Simon has managed to transform his initial investment of £3,000 to build a 7-figure property business generating over £1,000,000 annual revenue And the craziest thing about it is this is all from property he does not own!

But he hasn’t stopped there. Simon’s innovative and creative business model allows him to rapidly scale a portfolio of purchased properties he does own, which is now also worth over £3,000,000.

Simon knows all about the strengths – and weaknesses – of traditional rent- to-rent, and found a better way to run a rent-to-rent business, which he calls Rent- to-Rent 2.0. This is a cutting edge approach that allows you to run a flexible and scalable property business that guarantees cash flow and passive income.

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